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Arc Flash Studies & Analysis

Proactively plan for routine maintenance of your equipment and identify potential conditions that could lead to arc flash hazards. North Coast Automation Solutions specialists provide an analysis of your systems and equipment to reduce risk, increase competency for employees, improve documentation, and achieve compliance.

Investing in a structured arc flash program:

  • Keeps equipment compliant
  • Helps increase safety
  • Reduces downtime
  • Protects your employees
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Meets or exceeds all requirements listed in IEEE-1584 and NFPA 70E regulations.

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Reduce Risk

Our engineers create a detailed arc flash analysis report including a Protective Device Coordination (PDC) study and a short circuit current study.

Lockout Tagout Assessments

Lockout Tagout refers to the proper shutdown and locking or tagging of equipment to help protect employees from hazardous energy exposure during maintenance or repair.

Our Lockout Tagout services help you assess the hazardous energy control needs of your equipment and machines, and provide easy to read procedures and machine tags that meet federal and state regulations. As a result, your business will:

  • Have highly visual procedures that shorten the time to maintenance
  • Maintain training and compliance
  • Electronic capturing of audits and policies
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Streamlined Compliance

Having documented lockout/tagout procedures will result in a safer workplace and reduced concern for safety or fines.

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Improved Worker Safety

Developing and implementing a lockout/tagout program can help prevent many lost-time accidents.


Arc flash fatalities happen per year


Hospitalizations happen as a result of arc flash injuries every year


Arc flash incidents happen every year

We can help you become compliant

With over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge and proven track record to develop the best solution for your business.
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