Arc Flash Studies & Analysis

North Coast Automation Solutions Arc Flash Studies are conducted by our expertly-trained team. They can be performed on existing systems, new equipment, or modified equipment to identify hazardous exposure risks and help employees stay current on industry regulations.

Benefits of North Coast Automation Solutions Arc Flash Studies

  • Provide visibility to hazard exposure so an informed decision can be made on how to protect employees, including:
    • Help mitigate hazards to acceptable levels
    • Educate employees on hazard awareness
    • Train employees on how to work within acceptable conditions

We can implement a combination of these items to provide the most effective solution for your business.

  • Keep equipment performing as intended. North Coast Automation Solutions will provide equipment setting recommendations and mitigation solutions. There can be an optimal solution for both equipment and employees, and Arc Flash Studies support both production and people.

Whether you’re trying to meet certification standards, help protect workers, or reduce downtime, our specialists can help you achieve your safety goals.

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